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Twins run in the family

twins_runAn adoptive mom shares why her team “Run’s for a mom”
By Shana Phillips

What do you say to someone who has just given you the most precious gift you always dreamed of? The day we met Lillian and Isabelle’s birth mom was a day I will always treasure.

As my husband and I walked into an Applebee’s on a cold snowy Cleveland day, we came face to face with the woman who changed our lives forever. A woman who made us a mom and a dad for the first time. As we embraced, tears flowed from all of our eyes. God took this moment that I had been so fearful of and opened my eyes to pure sacrificial love. This woman was so selfless, courageous, and loving.

When I heard that Agape did a “Run for a Mom” 5k, I knew this would be a great chance to, in a small way, honor Lillian and Isabelle’s birth mom. It was only fitting that our team name be “Twins RUN in the Family”. On a day that is nationally recognized as “Birthmother’s Day”, my girls, my husband and I, along with many of our close friends and family, got to race in honor of this special woman. What made it even better was knowing that we were at the same time helping Agape raise money to help local birthmothers just like ours. Agape’s 5k was such a memorable day and one that we hope to keep doing with Lillian and Isabelle for many years to come.

Who are you running for?

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