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Opportunity for Open Communication

Opportunity for Open Communication
by Betsy Emerson, adoptive parent

When Agape hosted their first Run for a Mom event in 2011 we had only been home from Ethiopia with our daughter, Addison, for about 3 months. My husband Chad and I and our three boys were so in love with our long dreamed of, long hoped for, baby girl. As a mother, much of my emotions on that first Mother’s day with my baby girl were gratitude for the woman on another continent who chose to give her life. And so, for the past three years, my daughter and I have participated in Agape’s Run for a Mom as a way to honor her birth mother. While she doesn’t understand it all yet, I pray that this will be a special time where we can have open communication about her early days. I hope that it shows her in a tangible way that her first mother is honored in our family, that she can always ask about her and talk about her. We moved from Montgomery this past year, but I hope to continue the tradition as often as possible. Especially now that I have two birth mothers to honor! Our daughter Sifen joined our family just 6 weeks ago. I’m envisioning some mother/daughter bonding trips in the years to come! Thank you Agape for giving me the chance to honor the women who gave my daughters’ the gift of Life!

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